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MAP (Arboit-Poitras) has a family history that lasts through time in the community of L’Épiphanie. At the time, these were two separate entities, “Arboit Furniture” and “Poitras Furniture”, both founded in L’Épiphanie.


This first company, which was founded in 1951 by Maurice Verstraete, was well known for manufacturing furniture at affordable prices. His son Frank took over the business in 1966, followed by his grandson Ben in 1989. A business transfer to the 4th generation has now been in place for more than 3 years. Throughout its history, Arboit Furniture has distinguished itself and has enjoyed its success thanks to its aggressive prices and the simplicity of its products offered with a multitude of customisable options.


In 1967, Frank Verstraete helped a good friend, Mr. Robert Poitras, to start the company Poitras Furniture, manufacturer of solid ASH furniture. It is the superior quality of the products as well as the highly sought-after styles and designs that have enabled Poitras Furniture to increase its reputation for more than 40 years.

Today, MAP (Arboit-Poitras) is proud to unite these two pillars of the Canada furniture industry since 2010. The experience and expertise of the employees of these two companies contribute to the outstanding service and quality we’ve been offering our customers throughout these years.

MAP Furniture is a 4th generation family owned business in Quebec, Canada, which specializes in manufacturing solid wood furniture. Founded in 1951, the company offers the opportunity to purchase high quality furniture at very competitive prices. The experience gained and know-how of our employees make the company a pillar in the industry for entry-level furniture in Dining, Bedroom and Multimedia.